Azadi Square

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shishome bahman
6shome bahman
Freedom Square
Former name(s) Shahyad Square
Area 50,000 m2 (540,000 sq ft)
Location Tehran, Iran
Coordinates 35°41′59″N 51°20′14″E / 35.69972°N 51.33722°E / 35.69972; 51.33722Coordinates: 35°41′59″N 51°20′14″E / 35.69972°N 51.33722°E / 35.69972; 51.33722
North Mohammad Ali Jenah Expressway
East Azadi Street
South Saidi Expressway
West Karaj Makhsus (Special) Road
Designer Hossein Amanat

Azadi Square (Persian: میدان آزادیMeydāne Āzādi), formerly known as Shahyad Square (Persian: میدان شهیاد Meydāne Ŝahyād), is a city square in Tehran, Iran. It is the site for Azadi Tower. Both Azadi Tower and Square were commissioned by Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, the last Shah of Iran, to mark the 2,500th year of the foundation of the Imperial State of Iran.

It has an area of about 50,000 m2, plus adjacent areas, and is the largest square in Tehran and the second largest in Iran, being smaller than Azerbaijan Square in Tabriz.

The 50-m Azadi Tower is in the center of the square.The design of the tower and the surrounding area is based on the Iranian-Islamic authentic architecture.The fountain design is inspired by Iranian gardens, and the slope of the square is carefully designed for a special purpose.

Before the Iranian Revolution in 1979, it was called the Shahyad Square (میدان شهیاد Meydāne Ŝahyād), meaning "Shah's Memorial Square", and was the site of many of the Revolution's demonstrations leading up to 12 December 1979.Every year, Iranians celebrate the victory of their revolution in the Azadi Square. Also, One of the famous concert halls in the capital is the Freedom Tower


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