Azai clan

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In this Japanese name, the family name is Azai.
Azai clan
Japanese Crest mitumori Kikkou ni Hanabishi.svg
The Azai clan mon
Home province Ōmi
Titles Daimyo
Final ruler Azai Nagamasa
Dissolution 1573
Ruled until 1573, Azai Nagamasa commits seppuku

The Azai clan (浅井氏 Azai-shi?) was a line of daimyo (feudal lords) during Japan's Sengoku period that was based in Ōmi Province (present day Shiga Prefecture). The Azai clan, along with the Asakura clan, opposed Oda Nobunaga in the late 16th century. They were defeated by him at the Battle of Anegawa in 1570, and all but eliminated when their home castle, Odani Castle, was taken three years later.

Azai of Note[edit]


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