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Azarath (sometimes referred to as "The Temple of Azarath") is a fictional dimension featured in the Teen Titans comic book series and animated series. It is the birthplace of Raven and Trigon.

Fictional history[edit]

Over nine centuries ago, the followers of the very first Azar were led to a place between all dimensions where they founded the Temple Azarath. It was Azar's plan to expel all evil from the Azarathians so that the demon Trigon could not use the dark energy to be fully re-established, and then Azar could finally kill him once and for all.

The dimension was destroyed by Trigon's demonic forces when he finally got control of his daughter, Raven. However, all the inhabitants' souls survived, but were corrupted by the temporary merger with and destruction of Trigon. After the events of the Titans Hunt storyline, they were purified and guided into another plane of existence by the third Azar. The souls that remained eventually became the second incarnation of Phantasm.

One Year Later[edit]

After the One Year Later jump in DC Comics, Bumblebee mentions "New Azarath". Kid Devil and Zachary Zatara also discuss a trip to New Azarath in which the latter was nearly eaten by the Phantasm.

In other media[edit]



  • In the cartoon series of Teen Titans (as well as Teen Titans Go!), the character Raven invokes the name of Azarath in her chants to summon and focus her psychic and mystical powers ("Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos!", to be exact). She left this pacifist society in another dimension to try to leave her demon heritage behind and become good by joining the Teen Titans, but she fears that her inbred evil is lying just under the surface. In the episode "Switched", Raven tells Starfire that she was "born in a place called Azarath", but Raven does not specify that she, in fact, lived there. During season four of Teen Titans, Raven visits a place she refers to as Azarath in the episode, "The Prophecy", to seek help from the spirit of her mother, Arella. However, the place is deserted and is later revealed to be an illusion left behind after Trigon supposedly destroyed it, which possibly implies that the "visit" Raven took was a spiritual or telepathic one.
  • In Teen Titans Go!, Raven uses the name "Demon of Azarath".
  • In the 2018 live action series Titans, "Azarath" is the surname of Arella/Angela and not "Roth", in the series Roth is the surname of Melissa the adoptive mother of Rachel.


In Teen Titans Go! issue 44, Raven psionically makes the choice to return to the world of Azarath, in which she encounters a vision of her mother Arella, asking her about why she is more free to feel positive emotions.


In the 2016 movie Justice League vs. Teen Titans, Raven teleported her fellow Teen Titans- Starfire, Beast Boy, Robin and Blue Beetle- to the destroyed remains of the once tranquil world where she had once lived with her late mother and its spiritual people. A flashback shows exactly how Azarath was obliterated by a supremely powerful and destructive burst emitted from Trigon, due to young Raven having inadvertently calling upon him. According to Raven, it was somewhere that her father could not see them.

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