Azeda Booth

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Azeda Booth
Genres Pop, Glitch, IDM, experimental
Years active 2004–2011
Labels Absolutely Kosher
Lakesong Press
Members Jordon Hossack
Morgan Greenwood
Marc Rimmer
Myke Atkinson
Mike Wallace
Chris Reimer

Azeda Booth was a Canadian experimental-pop band formed in Calgary in 2004,[1] influenced by glitch, IDM, and experimental music.

Music and history[edit]

Self-described as "Cherry-Pop", Azeda Booth's music pulled from many genres.

Founding members Morgan Greenwood and Jordon Hossack started Azeda Booth in 2004, after meeting on their last day of High School and getting taco salad at Wendy's. The day after, they traded demo tapes and decided to start a band. During the summer of 2006, Myke Atkinson, Chris Reimer, Marc Rimmer and Mike Wallace joined the band. While band members each have their own musical strengths, they interchanged roles and instruments both in the studio and for live performances. Distinct characteristics of their music include Hossack's childlike falsetto vocals, and Greenwood's glitchy IDM drum programming.

Their first release Mysterious Body (2006) was recorded almost two years prior by Greenwood and Hossack. In Flesh Tones (2008) is a more combined effort of the full band, although Myke Atkinson parted from the band shortly prior to its release.

In Flesh Tones, the band's debut full-length, was released on July 22, 2008 on Absolutely Kosher[2] to critical acclaim, including a 7.9/10 from indie-music institution Pitchfork, stating the album was "one of 2008's most unique and immediately pleasurable albums", as well as "at a time when many popular bands' touchstones can be divided without remainders into Blogger tags, there simply isn't anyone doing exactly what these guys are doing right now." The album also made several "Best of 2008" lists on larger, as well as smaller/personal, music blogs and publications.

At the end of summer 2008, Chris Reimer and Mike Wallace left the band due to commitments in indie-rock group, Women. Shortly after the 3-piece released and toured North America on Tubtrek, an 8-song EP for free digital-download. In Spring 2010, Marc Rimmer left the band after moving cities, returning Azeda Booth to its original 2-piece configuration consisting of Jordon Hossack and Morgan Greenwood.

Morgan Greenwood relocated to Vancouver in summer 2011, putting the band on indefinite hiatus and leaving the future of the band in question. On February 21, 2012, former member Christopher Reimer died suddenly in his sleep.

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  • Mysterious Body (EP) (5-tracks, Independent, 2007)
  • Pink and Lime 7-inch Single (Independent, 2008)
  • In Flesh Tones (Absolutely Kosher Records, 2008)
  • Tubtrek (EP) (Free-Digital Download, 2009)


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