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Temporal range: Late Triassic
Azendohsaurus laaroussii.jpg
A. laaroussi jaw with teeth
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Reptilia
Infraclass: Archosauromorpha
Genus: Azendohsaurus
Dutuit, 1972
  • A. laaroussi Dutuit, 1972 (type)
  • A. madagaskarensis Flynn et al., 2010

Azendohsaurus (meaning "Azendoh lizard") was a genus of herbivorous archosauromorph from the Late Triassic Period of Morocco. The type species (A. laaroussi) is known only from a partial jaw fragment (with some teeth) from Morocco. Azendohsaurus was previously regarded as a dinosaur, as either an ornithischian or a prosauropod.[1][2] New research (including new material discovered in Madagascar) suggests that Azendohsaurus is not a dinosaur at all, but a non-archosauriform archosauromorph that independently evolved many craniodental characters similar to herbivorous dinosaurs.[3]

The type specimen, A. laaroussi, was described by J. M. Dutuit in 1972. A second species, A. madagaskarensis, was described in 2010. A. laaroussi is known only from teeth and jaws, which have derived features of several dinosaur groups, such as a leaf-like shape and denticles.[3] However, A. madagaskarensis is known from more complete skeletal material, some of which show more basal archosauromorph characteristics.


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