Azerbaijan–Russia border

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Azerbaijan–Russia border is the state border between Russia and Azerbaijan. It is 284 km in length. On the border is the southernmost point of the Russian Federation. Prior to 1991, was the border between the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic (including Dagestan ASSR) and the Azerbaijan SSR.


The boundary is set by the contract signed in Baku on October 3, 2010. It entered into force in accordance with Article 7, the date of exchange of instruments of ratification (July 18, 2011 [1]).

Drawn border line caused criticism in Russia State Duma deputies from the Communist Party,[1] the head of Dagestan said that "Dagestan is not something that has not lost anything, but gained a lot more".[2]


Road, rail and pedestrian traffic between Russia and Azerbaijan through several checkpoints. The boundary is divided into three sections - the mountain, piedmont (runs along the river Samur) and lowland (Samur River delta in the Caspian Depression). Through the border there is a fence equipped with technical facilities including barbed wire, sensors and cameras.


Coordinates: 41°54′00″N 46°24′05″E / 41.9000°N 46.4014°E / 41.9000; 46.4014