Azerbaijan Airlines Flight 217

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Azerbaijan Airlines Flight 217
Antonov An-140, Antonov Design Bureau AN1180747.jpg
An Antonov An-140 similar to the one involved in the crash
Date23 December 2005
SummaryInstrument failure followed by controlled flight into water
SiteCaspian Sea, near Nardaran, Azerbaijan
Aircraft typeAntonov An-140-100
OperatorAzerbaijan Airlines
Flight originBaku Airport, Azerbaijan
DestinationAktau Airport, Kazakhstan

Azerbaijan Airlines Flight 217 was a scheduled passenger flight between Baku and Aktau, Kazakhstan that crashed into the Caspian Sea at ca. 22:40 on 23 December 2005.[1] The flight was operated by an Antonov An-140.


Around five minutes after a night-time departure from Baku Airport the crew reported a systems failure. Heading over the Caspian Sea at night without flight instruments made it difficult for the crew to judge their flight parameters. Whilst attempting to return to Baku, the aircraft crashed shortly afterwards on the shore of the Caspian Sea, killing all passengers and crew.[2][3]


Investigations from the Kharkov State Aircraft Manufacturing Company have discovered that three independent gyroscopes were not providing stabilised heading and altitude performance information to the crew early in the flight.[4]

Following the accident, Azerbaijan Airlines grounded the remaining Antonov An-140's and cancelled any future plans of acquiring more of the Ukrainian-built aircraft.


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Coordinates: 40°33′22″N 50°00′20″E / 40.55611°N 50.00556°E / 40.55611; 50.00556