Azerbaijan Liberal Party

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Azerbaijan Liberal Party
Azərbaycan Liberal Partiyası
Leader Prof.Dr. Lala Shevket
Chairman Avaz Temirkhan
Founded 1995
Ideology Liberalism
Liberal democracy
Political position Centre-right
European affiliation European Liberal Democrat and Reform Party
International affiliation Liberal International
Colors Dark red and white
Emblem of Azerbaijan.svg
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The Azerbaijan Liberal Party (Azerbaijani: Azərbaycan Liberal Partiyası) is a liberal political party in Azerbaijan.

It was founded on 3 June 1995 by the former Secretary of State of Azerbaijan Lala Shevket on the Constituent Conference held in the town of Barda in the unoccupied part of Qarabagh region of Azerbaijan. It was registered with the Azerbaijani Ministry of Justice on 15 August 1995.

ALP declares its main purpose to be the construction of a legal state with socially orientated liberal economy, parliamentary democracy and with the clear division of powers between the branches of government, guaranteeing equality of everyone before the law.

The supreme governing body of ALP is its Congress. The main everyday working organs are the Political Council, Executive Committee, and the Central Revision Committee.

The founder of the Liberal Party of Azerbaijan and its leader is the doctor of medicine and philosophy, professor Lala Shevket, who has been elected to the position of party chairman at the party’s Constituent Conference on 3 June 1995. In June 2003 she has resigned from her position prior to the Presidential elections, though the members of the Liberal Party still consider her their spiritual and moral leader, the position being confirmed by the ALP III Congress on 7 June 2003.

At the last election (November 5, 2000 and January 7, 2001), the party won 1.3% of the popular vote and zero out of 125 seats, according to the official results of the Central Election Commission.

The incumbent Chairman of ALP is the former head of the ALP Executive Committee Avaz Temirkhan< who has been elected to this position on 12 September 2010 at the Party Congress. The incumbent Chairman of the Executive Committee is Elman Mammadzade.

Executive committee[edit]

(elected 17 February 2007)
1. Elman Mammadzade (b. 1959 in Sumqayit city, ALP member from 1996);
2. Solmaz Azizova (b. 1963 in Baku city, ALP member from 1995);
3. Sefa Quliyev (b. 1950 in Lenkoran region, ALP member from 1996);
4. Niyazi Abbasov (b. 1965 in Baku city, ALP member from 1997);
5. Mahir Yaqubov (b. 1958 in Quba region, ALP member from 1998);
6. Eldar Amrahov (b. 1951 in Ismayilli region, ALP member from 2001);
7. Elman Abbasov (b. 1969 in Qubadli region, ALP member from 2001);
8. Parviz Hajiyev (b. 1949 in Dmanisi region of Georgian Republic, ALP member from 2002);
9. Ilham Mammadov (b. 1978 in Yevlakh city, ALP member from 2002);
10. Yusif Abdullayev (b. 1965 in Baku city, ALP member from 2003).
11. Kamala Iskenderova (b. 1966 in Ganja city, ALP member from 2003);
12. Farrukh Jabiyev (b. 1957 in Ordubad region, ALP member from 2003).

Revision Commission[edit]

1. Ismayil Aliaskerli (chairman)
2. Oqtay Azimov (deputy chairman)
3. Mustafa Badalov
4. Jannatgul Ramazanova
5. Khurshud Abbasova
6. Mammadali Hasanov
7. Imameddin Zakiyev

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