Azerbaijan State Marine Academy

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Azerbaijan State Marine Academy
Azərbaycan Dövlət Dəniz Akademiyası
RectorProfessor Chingiz Aliyev

Azerbaijan State Marine Academy (ASMA) (Azerbaijani: Azərbaycan Dövlət Dəniz Akademiyası (ADDA)) is a public university located in Baku, Azerbaijan.


The marine education in Azerbaijan ordinates since November, 1881. In documentary materials of the central Government historical archives of the Azerbaijan Republic there is a report of the Head Department of the Caucasus Region about the opening of the Marine class in Baku on the 21 st (8) of November, 1881. The basic quota of the Baku Marine classes consist of the adult seamen – probationers. The academic year lasted from November 1 till April 1 (period of closing of navigation to Astrakhan, when the basic steam fleet and part of sailing fleet stood on wintering in the Baku port). Every year 25-30 navigators 15-18 skippers graduated from Marine Classes. In 1896 at marine classes the courses of the steamship mechanics (subsequently – school of marine engineers ) were open. Many of seamen- probationers have received marine education in marine classes. The Baku marine classes since July 1, 1902 were reformed into the Baku school of seagoing navigation of the 3 year education. Simultaneously at a school the preparatory marine school was organized. Since October 1, 1921 at the Baku technical school of water transport the evening classes was organized and the workers’ technical school of water transport being discontinued was opened. According to the order of the Central Department of Marine Transport of People’s Committee of Communication since October 1, 1924 the Baku technical school the Azerbaijan sector was opened for the first time. In March, 1930 the government accepted the decision on reorganization of all industrial technical schools by a branch principle and since September 1, 1930 the Baku Technical School of Waterways Communication was reorganized in Baku Marine Technical School, and in March, 1994 in the Baku Marine College. On the basis of the Baku Marine College by the task of Great Leader Haydar Aliyev, by the decision of Cabinet of Ministers of the Azerbaijan Republic № 91, dated July 15, 1996 the Azerbaijan State Marine Academy (ASMA) was created. Having been the new direction of education it became the only higher school which trains the qualified seamen to work on merchant ships.

At present there are 12 departments at the Academy:

  • Navigation
  • Marine Power Plants
  • Ship’s Electrical Equipment
  • Shipbuilding and Ship Repair
  • Economy of Sea Transport
  • Ship’s Automation and Radioelectronics
  • Marine Geography and Hydrotechnical Facilities
  • The Humanitarians
  • Applied Mechanics
  • Languages
  • Exact Sciences
  • Physical Culture and Sports.

86 professor-teacher staff work in these departments, including 1 academician, 9 doctors of sciences, professors, 20 candidates of science, senior lecturers, 29 senior teachers and 21 assistants.


The following specialties[edit]

The specialists are trained on the following specialties at the “Marine Engineering and Shipping” faculty on bachelor and head of master's degrees:

1 Marine navigation engineering
2 Engineering of exploitation ship energetic installations
3 Electrical engineering
4 Shipbuilding and ship reparation engineering
5 Engineering of automation of the processes
6 Engineering of organization of shipment in the transport and management

As a continuation of the great Leader H. Aliyev’s policy to recognize Azerbaijan all over the world, Azerbaijan State Marine Academy was admitted into the International Marine Organization in July, 1995 and adopted all the conventions of this organization. After joining the convention, Azerbaijan State Marine Academy established its training according to requirements of IMO STSW-78 Convention. For this purpose base educational programmes, training plans, state educational standards were drawn up on all the specialties and were adopted by IMO.

Azerbaijan State Marine Academy was included into the catalogue of the IMO Marine Educational Establishments, under No.012. At present the diplomas and certificates of the Academy are recognized by international level.

Another direction of academy’s activity is in the branch of trade improvement of personnel. For this purpose the “Training and Certifying Centre of Seafarers” was created by the resolution of Cabinet of Ministers, dated May 8, 2000. In this centre the various courses act. “Training of Crew”, “Fire-fighting”, “First Medical Aid”, “Fight with Flooding” and so on laboratories and specialized lecture-rooms are created. “Training Department for the Raitings” acts at the Academy. The personnel is trained here according to requirements ofmarine establishments. At the academy the training process for all the specialties in all stages is established. In October, 2002 Academy was awarded a certificate according to International Standards ISO 9001:2000 on quality management system in the field of training of seafarers and since February 1, 2010 quality management system ISO 9001:2008 is used at the Academy.

Academy collaborates with the higher Marine establishments of countries of UNC and other foreign countries. Academy is the member of educational-methodical council of the higher Marine establishments of UN countries which acts at the St. Petersburg Higher Marine Academy after A. Makarov. Education system develops in our country day by day by the attention and care of the President Ilham Aliyev who have said: “Education is one of the first directions of the continuous development strategy of Azerbaijan” New built schools, improvement of material-technical resources of higher educational establishments, made reforms causing the quality changes in the education open the unprecedented space for development of science and education. Having been the only educational establishment in the region according to its profile Azerbaijan State Marine Academy also feels this care and attention. During the activity of the academy, it obtained much success either in training or scientific researches. Caspian shipping fleet having been replenished with new and modern ships the training process of the academy is supplied with new simulators and laboratory net broadened.

To train the skilled seamen for operating the ships having the modern automated operational system, the new speciality “ Ship’s Automation and Electro-Power Systems” is opened on the basis of final scientific achievements of the Academy. “Training –industrial laboratory of ship’s automation” was created for this specialty. To meet the world’s standard requirements the modern equipment and simulators are continuously equipped in the Academy.The last three years “Engine-room simulator ERS-4000” ; “NT-4000” ; “TQS” and “NS-3000” simulators, meeting the requirements of International Convention, section B-1/12, were get and put into use. At the same time “Radar”, “Navigation”, “Electron chart plotting”, “GMDSS simulators” and afloat landing, stage training centre, 3000ton tonnage “Rasul Rza” training vessel used by the students of the Academy gives important opportunity to train seamen staff meeting the requirements of the higher world’s standards. The process of training improvement, the process of its contact with science and industry is always at the centre of attention.There are 4 scientific-research laboratories at the Academy. At present 700 students study at the Academy side by side with the training they take part in the work of departments’ scientific-research laboratories. Student’s Scientific Society, Student-Youth Society, Trade-Union Organization, Women’s Society work at the Academy and they continue their work at the up-to-date requirements’ level. Scientific-technical and scientific-methodical conferences devoted to the discussion of carried-out scientific –research works at the Academy are held each year. Republic significance scientific technical conferences devoted to the “Problems of Water Transportations” were held at the Academy in 2005-2006.

Scientific-research works on 9 themes, and 2 themes on scientific-methodical works are taken into consideration to carry out at the Academy in 2008-2012 and these works are carried out successfully. At present 52 employees carry out scientific-research and scientific-methodical works. The last 2 years more than 125 scientific articles and thesises, 15 books including 2 monographs, 7 text-books, 6 manuals, 12 methodical manuals and programmes on 20 subjects of the Academy were printed. Since 2003 collection of “Scientific Works of the Azerbaijan State Marine Academy” is issued. Since 2007 this collection is included into consulted collection list of Higher Attestation Commission of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan for printing of scientific works. 11 candidates for a degree continue their research on their scientific themes. These years 3 employees of the academy having defend their dissertation have got the degree of Doctor of Sciences; at present 4 Doctors of Philosophy 3 candidates for a degree have finished their work on dissertation and are ready to defend a thesis. 2 employees of the Academy have completed the advanced courses in England, 5 employees in Russian Federation, 3 in Cyprus and received corresponding certificates. The senior-lecturer, chief of the “Ship’s Electrical Equipment and Automation” department Hamlet Mehdiyev was awarded with “Honorary Teacher” title by the decree of the Dear President Ilham Aliyev in 2008. For the effective activity of the professor-teacher and student staff a very good condition is created at the Academy. There are computer centre, polyclinics, mess-room, comfortable students’ hostel in the centre of the city at their disposal. There is a scientific-technical library which gathered nearly 80.000 text-books and manuals on marine specialty, scientific and belleslettres at the Academy. This literature has a great importance in the formation of students’ world outlook and education in the spirit of patriotism.

The students take part in matches on sailing boat, football, wrestling, chess. Great result have been get in the sailing boat matches.