Azerbaijan Tower

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Azerbaijan Tower
Azerbaijan Tower.jpg
Rendering of the Azerbaijan Tower
General information
Status Planned[1]
Type Mixed Use
Architectural style Neo-Futurism
Megatall skyscraper
Location Khazar Islands, Azerbaijan
Coordinates 40°14′29″N 49°38′03″E / 40.24134°N 49.634242°E / 40.24134; 49.634242Coordinates: 40°14′29″N 49°38′03″E / 40.24134°N 49.634242°E / 40.24134; 49.634242
Construction started TBD (planned)
Estimated completion 2019
Cost $2–3 billion[2]
Owner Azerbaijan
Architectural 1,054 m (3,458 ft)
Technical details
Floor count 189
Floor area 7.56 million sqft.
Lifts/elevators 69
Design and construction
Developer Avesta Concern

Azerbaijan Tower is a planned[3] megatall skyscraper to be constructed on the Khazar Islands, 25 km (16 mi) south of Baku, Azerbaijan.[4]


The president of the Avesta Group of Companies, Ibrahim Ibrahimov, stated that the Azerbaijan Tower would rise to about 1,051 m (3,448 ft) with 189 floors.[5][6][7]

The $2 billion tower is to be the centerpiece of the Khazar Islands, a $100 billion city of 41 artificial islands that will spread 3,000 hectares over the Caspian Sea.[5][8][9] The city is being planned to house 1 million residents, contain 150 schools, 50 hospitals and daycare centers, numerous parks, shopping malls, cultural centers, university campuses, and a Formula 1 quality racetrack.[5][8][10] All of these facilities are planned to be able to withstand up to magnitude 9.0 earthquakes.[4][10] The city will be equipped with 150 bridges and a large municipal airport to connect the islands to the mainland.[5][8][11]

Ibrahim told reporters that American, Turkish, Arab and Chinese investors have already shown their interest in the project that will be, in his words, like a "new Venice".[9][12][13]

Construction on the Azerbaijan Tower is set to begin soon[when?] and will be completed around 2019.[5] The Khazar Islands are scheduled to be finished between 2020 and 2025.[11][14][15]

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