Azerbaijan horse

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Azerbaijan Horse
Qarabaq ati.jpg
Karabakh horse. Nikolay Sverchkov, 1865
Country of origin Azerbaijan

The Azerbaijan horse (Azerbaijani: Azərbaycan atı) is a mountain-steppe racing and riding horse. It is named after the geographic region where the horse was originally developed, Azerbaijan in the Caucasus. The average speed by running of Azerbaijan horse is 1600 metres in 2 minute, 66 seconds.


  • Height - 138 cm
  • Length of the body - 139 cm
  • Chest circumference - 161 cm
  • Live weight - 280–350 kg. Under packs 120–140 kg Azerbaijani horses are 60–70 km per day.
  • Maximum capacity - 3000–3200 kg.
  • Average agility-year-olds at a distance of 1600 m - 2 minutes 22.6 seconds.


Daliboz horse on Azerbaijan's stamp
  • Daliboz, formed in the Qazakh, Agstafa and Tovuz regions of Azerbaijan. Some early sources describe it as the "Kazakh" horse. The Daliboz types has a clean, short head with a broad forehead and narrow nose, a compact heavy neck, a ribbed massive body with a good top line and an even, long back and loin. Legs are clean and well proportioned and the cannon bone girth is larger than that of other horses. They usually have a pacing or racking gait. A unique feature is a peculiar lengthwise fold on the tongue giving the impression of a forked tongue. Average withers height is 152 cm, chest girth 172 cm and cannon bone girth 19.4 They are often used as riding and racing horses.
  • Quba horse.
  • Shirvan horse.

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