Azerbaijani pakhlava

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Azerbaijani pakhlava
Пахлава DSC3172.jpg
Course Dessert
Place of origin Azerbaijan
Main ingredients Yeasty pastry, hazelnuts or Circassian walnut, milled carnation, cardamom, crocus
Variations Multiple
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Azerbaijani pakhlava (Azerbaijani: Azərbaycan Paxlavası), or simply Pakhlava, is an integral part of those sweets, which are made in Azerbaijan and Iranian Azerbaijan for Nowruz holiday, but it is not baked only for holidays. Yeasty pastry, hazelnuts or Circassian walnut, milled clove, cardamom, saffron are used for preparation of pakhlava. Milled nuts and sugar are used for stuffing.[1]

Recipe for preparation of pakhlava[edit]

A layer is rolled out from the pastry with thickness of not less than 2 mm, put into baking tray, oiled and lavishly filled with stuffing. This process is continued, until 9-10 layers are made. The last layer is greased with yolk, mixed up with saffron. Then pakhlava is cut into two rhombs, then either hazelnut or half of the kernel of Circassian walnut is placed on each piece. Then it is baked with 180°-200°C temperature pending 30–40 minutes.[2][3]

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