Azerbaijanis in Ukraine

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This article is about Azerbaijanis in Ukraine. For Azerbaijanis in general, see the respective article.
Azerbaijanis in Ukraine
Бабаєв на Дні міста біля реконструйованого фонтану (2011.09.25).jpg
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Total population
42,200 (2001)
Regions with significant populations
Donetsk Oblast, Kharkiv Oblast, Dnipropetrovsk Oblast
Azerbaijani (52%), Russian (37%)
Predominately Muslim
Related ethnic groups
Azerbaijani diaspora

Azerbaijan and Ukraine relations took through centuries and both countries used to be the part of Russian Empire and then Soviet Union. Currently there are over 45,000 Azerbaijanis in Ukraine.[1] Most of them live in Donetsk Oblast (8 thousand), Kharkiv - (5-6 thousand), and Dnipropetrovsk - (5-6 thousand people). The number of ethnic groups grew very rapidly - especially between 1960 and 1990, it increased 5.5 times, largely due to instability in the South Caucasus. Today, Ukraine is home to the 7th largest Azerbaijani community in the world.

The resettlement of Azerbaijanis into the territory of Ukraine is marked by certain historical events, dominated by migration processes that were primarily economic in nature. About 2,300 Azerbaijanis are native Ukrainian speakers. Ukraine is also host to a number of Azerbaijani guest workers which has yet to be ascertained.

The majority of Azerbaijanis are Muslim, mainly Shia. Azerbaijanis are one of the least religious nations on earth. They don't regularly practice their religion or not showing their faith in the way they dress.[2] Currently, 15 regions of Ukraine have national cultural societies for Azerbaijanis and in 8 regions - study of Azerbaijani language and literature exists in Sunday schools. Publishment of the magazine "Voice of Azerbaijan" (Azerbaijani and Ukrainian) started in Kiev since 1998. First Azerbaijani newspaper in Ukraine Millət (The Nation) is publishing since 1991 in Crimea.


Ukrainian have hosted a street procession and commemoration ceremonies dedicated to Khojaly Massacre, March Days and Black January.[3] Heads of regional organizations of the Congress of Ukrainian Azerbaijanis (CUA), members of the Mission of the World Azerbaijanis Congress (WAC) in Ukraine, intellectuals, youth, students and activists of the Diaspora celebrates national holidays like Republic Day and National Salvation Day.

On May, 2011 a restored monument to Azerbaijani soldiers of the 77th division was opened in Sevastopol.[4]

Resettlement and language[edit]

Rank Place Number of Azerbaijanis
1 Donetsk 8075
2 Kharkiv Oblast 5684
3 Dnipropetrovsk 5683
4 Crimea 3748
5 Luhansk Oblast 3121
6 Odessa Oblast 2777
7 Kiev 2567
8 Zaporizhia Oblast 2490
Rank Native language Number
1 Azerbaijani language 23 958 (52%)
2 Russian language 16 968 (37%)
3 Ukrainian language 3 224 (7%)
4 Crimean Tatar 102 (0.2%)

Notable peoples[edit]

Ukrainians of Azerbaijani origins
Azerbaijanis of Ukrainian origins


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