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Industry Financial services
Headquarters Azerbaijan
Key people
Jahangir Mammadov, Head Business Development Department.[1]
Anar Sultanov, Managing Director[2]
Services Credit card processing
Parent International Bank of Azerbaijan

AzeriCard is an Azerbaijani bank card processing company.[2] The International Bank of Azerbaijan owns 100 percent of AzeriCard.[3]


Mobile Wallet[edit]

  • AzeriCard offers customers what is known as a “mobile wallet." Customers can use their smartphone to pull out cash from ATMs without using an actual bank card during the transaction. The technology is named “Way4 Cash By Code."[4]
  • AzeriCard worked with technology company OpenWay to produce the mobile wallet service.[4]
  • By 2011, 15 banks in Azerbaijan were using mobile banking technology provided by AzeriCard.[5]

Market reach[edit]


At the beginning of 2012, there were four other companies in addition to AzeriCard that were providing bank card processing: MilliKart, TexKart, RoyalCard and KapitalBank.[7]


An example of the front of a typical debit card:
  1. Issuing bank logo
  2. EMV chip
  3. Hologram
  4. Card number
  5. Card brand logo
  6. Expiration date
  7. Cardholder's name
An example of the reverse side of a typical debit card:

First bank card[edit]

  • In 1997 AzeriCard was credited with creating the very first bank card in the country of Azerbaijan; the card was issued by the International Bank of Azerbaijan.[8]
  • According to the company, AzeriCard’s systems service over 2 million bank cards.[6]
  • AzeriCard’s systems work with MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Diners Club.[6]


  • AzeriCard is one of several subsidiaries of the International Bank of Azerbaijan. Other subsidiaries are:.[9]
  • In addition to the International Bank of Azerbaijan, AzeriCard works directly with IBA-Moscow and International Bank of Azerbaijan-Georgia.[3]


Banks that use AzeriCards’ services are:[2]

  • AGBank
  • Amrahbank
  • ATA Bank
  • Bank Respublika
  • International Bank of Azerbaijan
  • Bank Technique
  • Nikoil
  • Parabank
  • Silk Way Bank
  • TuranBank
  • Xalq Bank
  • Rabitabank

The Royal Bank of Scotland Uzbekistan is also a partner with AzeriCard.[3]

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