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Azhanti High Lightning is a science-fiction wargame published by Game Designers Workshop.


The game is a "square and counter" supplement to Traveller, and was developed from Snapshot, a game of starship boarding and room-to-room fighting.[1] It depicts close-action combat between individuals on board a large military starship. Each turn represents 15 seconds, each square 1.5 meters. A counter represents one animal, robot or individual.

Azhanti High Lightning is the name of the fictional starship that provides the game's setting.


William A. Barton reviewed Azhanti High Lightning in The Space Gamer No. 32.[2] Barton commented that in spite of its flaws, "Azhanti High Lightning still rates high in quality - far above the releases of a lot of other companies. It stands as a welcome addition to the Traveller family of games and deserves a place on the shelf of any science fiction gamer who enjoys a well-designed game that offers both complexity and playability. Designers Marc Miller and Frank Chadwick deserve a hefty round of applause for this offering. One wonders what they'll come up with next. All I can say is, after Azhanti High Lightning, Traveller game 4 is going to have to be a real planet-buster to compete."[2]

Azhanti High Lightning was awarded the Charles S. Roberts Award for "Best Fantasy or Science Fiction Game of 1980".[3]


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