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Nawab of the Carnatic
Amir ul-Hind
Wala Jah
Umdat ul-Umara
Siraj ul-Mulk
Amir ud-Daula
Reign 31 July 1801
Predecessor Umdat ul-Umara
Successor Azam Jah
Born 1775
Died 2 August 1819
Chepauk Palace, Madras
Burial Hazrat Natthar Wali Dargah, Farangi-Gate, Trichinopoly
Issue seven sons
Full name
Abdu'l Ali Khan
Dynasty Wallajah
Father Amir ul-Umara
Mother Azim un-nisa Begum
Religion Islam

Azim-ud-Daula (1775 – 2 August 1819) was the Nawab of Carnatic from 1801 to 1819. He was the eldest son of Amir ul-Umara and nephew of Umdat ul-Umara.

Treaty of 1801[edit]


He ascended the throne upon his uncle's death in 1801.

As soon as Azim-ud-Daula ascended the throne, he was compelled to sign a Carnatic Treaty handing over the civil and municipal administration of the Carnatic to the British East India Company.

Azim-ud-Daula was, therefore, reduced to the position of a mere titular ruler.

In return, Azim-ud-Daula was entitled to one-fifth of the total revenue of the state and the honour of a 21-gun salute.

A portrait of Azim-ud-Daula by Thomas Day hangs in the Museum at Fort George, Chennai.


Preceded by
Umdat ul-Umara
Nawab of Carnatic
Succeeded by
Azam Jah