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Your article says that Azim ud Daula was the UNCLE of Umdat ul Umara. In fact, he was the NEPHEW (brother's son) of Umdat ul Umara.

Nawab of the Carnatic
Amir ul-Hind
Wala Jah
Umdat ul-Umara
Siraj ul-Mulk
Amir ud-Daula
Reign 31 July 1801
Predecessor Umdat ul-Umara
Successor Azam Jah
Issue seven sons
Full name
Abdu'l Ali Khan
Dynasty Wallajah
Father Amir ul-Umara
Mother Azim un-nisa Begum
Born 1775
Died 2 August 1819
Chepauk Palace, Madras
Burial Hazrat Natthar Wali Dargah, Farangi-Gate, Trichinopoly
Religion Islam

Azim-ud-Daula (1775 – 2 August 1819) was the Nawab of Carnatic from 1801 to 1819. He was the eldest son of Amir ul-Umara and uncle of Umdat ul-Umara.

Treaty of 1801[edit]


He ascended the throne upon his uncle's death in 1801.

As soon as Azim-ud-Daula ascended the throne, he was compelled to sign a Carnatic Treaty handing over the civil and municipal administration of the Carnatic to the British East India Company.

Azim-ud-Daula was, therefore, reduced to the position of a mere titular ruler.

In return, Azim-ud-Daula was entitled to one-fifth of the total revenue of the state and the honour of a 21-gun salute.

A portrait of Azim-ud-Daula by Thomas Day hangs in the Museum at Fort George, Chennai.


Preceded by
Umdat ul-Umara
Nawab of Carnatic
Succeeded by
Azam Jah