Azim Khan's Tomb

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Azim Khan's Tomb
Azim Khan Tomb after Renovation by ASI.JPG
Azim Khan's Tomb is located in Delhi
Azim Khan's Tomb
Location of Azim Khan's Tomb in Delhi
General information
Architectural styleMughal
LocationAnuvrat Marg, Delhi-Gurgaon Road, Delhi, India
Coordinates28°31′18″N 77°11′26″E / 28.5218039°N 77.1904368°E / 28.5218039; 77.1904368Coordinates: 28°31′18″N 77°11′26″E / 28.5218039°N 77.1904368°E / 28.5218039; 77.1904368
Construction started17th century
Completed17th century

Azim Khan's Tomb (aka Azim Khan) is the tomb of Azim Khan,[1] who was a general of the Mughal Army, located on a small hillock at Anuvrat Marg, Delhi-Gurgaon Road, in Delhi, India.[2] The tomb was commissioned in 17th century.[3] It is built in the typical square shaped structure with a crowned dome coated with plaster and decorated with carvings.[4] After the Mughal period, during the British rule, the tomb was used as a recreational place by British soldiers.[5] The tomb is included into the lists of Indian Monuments of National Importance.


There are not enough historic records about the general Azim Khan. He was a general in the Mughal Army, was established by the empire's third emperor, Akbar. He was awarded the title "Akbar" (meaning "magnificent") by Akbar himself.[citation needed]



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