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Dr Azim P H Somani
Dr Somani in 2011
Dr Azim P H Somani
Born Azim Pyarali Hussein Somani
(1955-10-08) 8 October 1955 (age 62)
Mbarara, Uganda
Residence Cheshire, England
Nationality British
Occupation Founder of APHS Group
Chairman of APHS Ltd
CEO of Lifestyle Discount Club
CEO of British Publishing Corporation
Years active 1983–present
Spouse(s) Nabat A Somani (1979–present)
Children 3 daughters
Alia A Somani
Naazlin A Somani
Yasmin A Somani,
1 son
Shamir A Somani
Parent(s) Pyarali Hussein Somani
Rukia Pyarali Somani

Azim Pyarali Hussein Somani (born 8 October 1955) is an author and founder of APHS Group. Somani arrived in the United Kingdom in October 1972 as a refugee following the expulsion of Ugandan Asians by Idi Amin.[1]

Somani studied at Aga Khan Boarding School in Masaka, Uganda and led one of the family businesses Bahati Mines near Kisoro Uganda. In United Kingdom Somani served in the British Army and public service in South Manchester and Cheshire.

Since 1984, Somani has been involved in various businesses and studied English Literature, Cultural History and Imaginative Writing, Forensic Science and various other subjects. Somani then went on to write his first novel Shattered Lives: In the Pearl of Africa, an account of life in Uganda.

Somani leads APHS Group and has various publications to his name.

Early life[edit]

Somani was born in Mbarara, Uganda, the son and eldest child of Late Mr Pyarali Hussein Somani and Mrs Rukiabhai Pyarali Somani. Somani is the eldest Grandchild of the Late Merali Jivraj family of Mbarara.


Somani at the age of nine attended Aga Khan Boarding School, Masaka, Uganda (January, 1965).[2] In the UK Somani continued his education graduating with a BA (Joint Hons) in English Literature, Imaginative Writing and Cultural History from Liverpool John Moores University and was later awarded a PhD. Somani has also studied Forensic Science, Psychology, and various other subjects.[3]

Personal life[edit]

Somani married in May 1979 to Nabat Manji (Sumar)

At the age of 17 Somani and his family were expelled from their homes in Uganda and he experienced first-hand brutality of the Ugandan Army under Idi Amin’s regime as featured in his novels. They arrived in the United Kingdom on 6 October 1972. After stays at Gaydon Resettlement Camp and Tonfanau Camp the Somani Family settled in Stockport, Cheshire in December 1972. They were the first Ugandan Asian family to move to Stockport and were featured in the local media.[4]


Somani served in the British Army and worked with public service in South Manchester and Cheshire, UK from 1973–1984. Somani was one of the first people of ethnic minority to hold a position of authority in this area.

Somani left the public sector and moved into business with initial setup in Ashton-under-Lyne followed by offices in South Manchester, Cheshire and West London. Somani’s business activities included home improvements, renovations of hotels, investments, property dealings and real estate.

In the mid-1990s Somani turned his attention to international trading of commodities (including, oil, urea, sugar and precious metals) conducting business with offices in Rotterdam, the Netherlands (Rocompany) and United Kingdom (Yuleton Trading),[5] with links with Mannesmann AG, Düsseldorf, Germany, Wells Fargo Bank USA, NationsBank USA and Deutsche Kreditbank, Amsterdam.

From 2000–2010 Somani supported the local community through the Citizens Advice Bureau as an advisor and later as a trustee. At the famous Anglican Liverpool Cathedral, at the Roscoe Lectures, in front of a selected audience of 2000 Somani was presented the Citizenship Award 2003 by Gérard Houllier, the Liverpool F.C. manager in the presence of Professor Michael Brown and Lord David Alton.[6]

Somani has written seven books over the course of the last seven years.[7] In 2005 Somani founded the APHS Group.

APHS Group[edit]

Somani is the founder of APHS Group which is the parent company for APHS Ltd, APHS Homes4U, Lifestyle Discount Club and British Publishing Corporation.[8]

APHS Ltd[edit]

Somani is the Chairman of APHS Ltd which specialises in property development, finance, investments and legal support. APHS Ltd has national and international sources, the organisation originated in the mid 1980s and has extremely experienced executives and banking support at the highest level[9]

Lifestyle Discount Club[edit]

Somani is the CEO of Lifestyle Discount Club, a highly renowned organisation which specialises in providing exclusive employee benefits, corporate packages and membership deals. Members of the Lifestyle Discount Club benefit from thousands of exclusive discounts, voucher codes and top deals. The Lifestyle Discount Club corporate package is a proven staff motivator, companies across the UK take advantage of the packages to massively boost staff performance, productivity, morale and satisfaction[10]


Somani has written seven novels:[11]

Television and media[edit]

Somani and his stories have featured on a number of television programs and media articles:[12]

  • ITV Tonight Show
  • ITV Wales this Week
  • Granada Tonight
  • ITV Wales News
  • BBC One Show


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