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Azimov (Russian: Ази́мов; masculine) or Azimova (Ази́мова; feminine) is a Russian last name.[1] Variants of this last name include Ozimkov/Ozimkova (Озимко́в/Озимко́ва) and Ozimov/Ozimova (Ози́мов/Ози́мова).[1]

There are several theories about the origins of this last name. According to one, it is derived from the non-Christian names (or nicknames) Ozimko (Озимко),[1] Ozim (Озим),[1] and Ozimy (Озимый),[2] which in dialects with akanye transformed into "Azim" (Азим).[1] These names/nicknames were given to babies born in late fall right before the beginning of winter.[1][2] It is also possible that this last name derives from the Pskov and Tver dialectal word "озим" (ozim), meaning trembling, shivering, a chilly sensation in the body.[1] Another possible origin is the Greek word for a bland cake consumed in religious contexts (most likely meaning that this last name was created artificially in a seminary environment).[2] Finally, the last name "Azimov" may be of Turkic origins, deriving from the Arabic name "Azim", which literally means great.[2][1] Although listed last, this derivation is the most likely because of how Russian family names were formed (see Eastern Slavic naming customs; note, too, the ethnicity of the "notable people", below).[citation needed]

Notable people with the last name include:

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