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Azimut - Benetti S.p.A.
IndustryYacht Chartering,
Yacht Building
HeadquartersTurin, Italy
Key people
Paolo Vitelli (CEO and President)
Revenue701 million USD (2007) [1]
WebsiteOfficial Website

Azimut Yachts is an Italian yacht-manufacturing company based in Avigliana, in the province of Turin. It was established in 1969 by Paolo Vitelli.[2]

The company started with sailing boat chartering, later developing into a large luxury yacht building industry. The first major work started with a contract at the ship-yard of Amerglass, a modern Dutch shipyard producing boats in fibreglass. The business developed quickly, adding the distribution of sailing boats, motorcruisers and finally motoryachts from different makers: British Powles, Westerly, and others.

The company currently owns Benetti, another luxury ship building company.

Atlantis (boat builder) was acquired before 2013 and continued producing for the Atlantis brand for years, but in 2013 Azimut Atlantis models were on offer.

Yacht range[edit]

Azimut 98 Leonardo
Azimut 98 Leonardo

The company currently has five series of yachts between 34 and 120 feet. Additionally there are two market specific ranges: 'Brazilian Range', 42-83 feet based on Flybridge Collection, and 'Dragon Series' for Asian and particular Chinese market with 66' flybrigde only. 'Azimut Flybridge Collection' is a most popular series with boats ranging from 42 to 88 feet, excluding 100' Leonardo that's being phased out and replaced by Grande series. All are styled by Stefano Righini with Carlo Galeazzi or Salvagni Architetti as interior designers.[3] 'Azimut S Collection' of sporty yachts consists of just two models, 55S and 77S, both using 3 engine layout.[4] In the past range included models like 40S, 43S, 62S, 62S Italia edition, 68S and 72S. 'Azimut Grande Collection'. Flagship yachts from 95RPH (raised pilot house) and 100' to sporty 120SL.[5] 'Azimut Magellano Collection' of semidisplacement yachts, 43-76 feet.[6] 'Azimut Atlantis Collection', consists of sporty and high performance cruisers in 34-58 feet range mostly in open form with hard tops.[7]

Ship building[edit]

The headquarters site houses is a 100,000 square meter facility of offices and the factory, which can build 300 boats (of up to 68 feet (21 m) LOA) per year. Larger yachts are ordered from other, larger ship-yards in the world.


The company was established for boat chartering and continues to provide this service.


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