Aziz Abaza

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Aziz Abaza (13 August 1898 – 1973) was an Egyptian poet. He is known as one of the prominent poets in modern Egyptian and Arab literature.

Abaza's poems are preoccupied with Arab unity and Pan-Arabism. His poetry was an inspiration for Arabism advocates.

Early life[edit]

Abaza was born on 13 August 1898 in a village in Al Sharqiya governorate in Egypt. He joined the School of Law from where he graduated in 1923.

He worked as a member of Parliament, director of Identification Department, Egyptian Ministry of Interior in 1923 and Deputy-Governor of Al Behaira governorate in 1935.

Moreover, he worked as governor of Al Qalyoubiya and Faiyum and Suez Canal Zone.

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