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Aziz M. Osman
Aziz Bin Mohd Osman

(1962-10-02) 2 October 1962 (age 57)
OccupationDirector, actor, producer, producer television
Years active1963 - 1976
1990 - present
Spouse(s)Nor Aliah Lee (divorced)
Nor Radhiah Ramli (annulled)
Puteri Lily Lokman
Parent(s)Afida Es (mother)
M.Osman (father; deceased 2002)
RelativesZulkifli M. Osman (brother)

Aziz M. Osman (born 2 October 1962) is a Malaysian actor, producer. He is currently the director general of his own production company, Ace Motion Pictures Sdn Bhd. He was born in Hougang, Singapore.

Family and personal life[edit]

His father is M. Osman, a well-known Malaysian singer in 1960s, while his mother Afida Es is a veteran actress. His brother Zulkifli is also a film director.

Aziz is married three times, to which he has 6 children from these relationships.



Year Title Also credited as Role Notes
Director Producer Actor
1963 Ibu Ayam No No Yes Children Child actor
1976 Sayang Anakku Sayang No No Yes Aziz Child actor
1990 Fenomena Yes No No
1992 XX Ray Yes No Yes Amir
1994 Femina Yes No No
Fantasi Yes No No
1995 XX Ray II Yes Executive Yes Amir
1996 Scoop Yes Yes No
1997 Baginda Yes No
Puteri Impian Yes No No
1998 Puteri Impian 2 Yes No Yes Cameo appearance
1999 Senario The Movie Yes Yes Yes Newreader Cameo appearance
2000 Leftenan Adnan Yes Yes No
Senario Lagi Yes No Yes Hotel Worker Cameo appearance
2001 Seri Dewi Malam Yes No No
Lagi Lagi Senario Yes No Yes Fish Catcher Cameo appearance
2002 Idola Yes No No
Gerak Khas The Movie II No No Yes Taxi Drivers Cameo appearance
Mr. Cinderella No No Yes Bob
2003 Gila-Gila Pengantin Yes Yes No
2004 Trauma Yes No No
Bintang Hati Yes No No
Biar Betul Yes Yes No
Gila-Gila Pengantin Remaja Yes Yes No
2005 Senario XX Yes No Yes Cameo appearance
Gila-Gila Pengantin Popular Yes Yes No
2006 Senario Pemburu Emas Yamashita Yes No No
2008 Cicakman 2: Planet Hitam No No Yes Fulus News Boss
2009 Lembing Awang Pulang Ke Dayang No No Yes Dekar Agas & Raja Muda Bugis
Setem No No Yes Postman Cameo appearance
2010 Lu Pikirlah Sendiri De Movie No No Yes Old Punks Special appearance
Jin Notti No No Yes Hisyam / Razlan
2011 Al-Hijab No No Yes Cameo appearance
2012 Azura Yes No Yes Cameo appearance
Untuk Tiga Hari No No Yes
2013 Papadom 2 No No Yes Cameo appearance
2014 Tyickoouns No No Yes Completed
Dollah Superstar No No Yes Director
2015 Jengka No Yes No The first film issue, producer
2017 Bukan Cinta Malaikat Yes No No Co-director by Herdanius Larobu
Kerja Kahwin No No Yes
2018 Busker No No Yes Professor Special appearance
2019 XX Ray 3 [1] Yes Yes Yes Amir

Television series[edit]


Title Also credited as Role TV channel Notes
Director Producer Actor
1981 Drama Minggu Ini: Tok Awang No No Yes
1993-96 Cili Padi Yes No No
1998 Cinderella No No Yes TV3
1999 Romeo & Juliet No No Yes Zack TV3
2005-08 Puteri Yes Yes No TV3
2005-09 Dunia Anita Yes Yes No TV3
2006-07 Misi XX Ray Yes No No
2007-10 Bong Yes Yes No TV9
2007-09 Kisah Maisara Yes Yes No TV3/TV9
2007-09 Fara Yes Yes Yes TV3
2006 Pendekar 5 Yes Yes No TV9
2008 Vice Versa Yes Executive Yes TV3
2009 Permanduku Jutawan Yes Yes No
Kapten Kit Yes No No
2010 Comel Yes Yes No
2013 Demi Dia Yes No No
2016 Gerak Khas (Season 16) No No Yes Episode: "Lintah Darat"
2017 Gerak Khas (Season 17) Yes No No TV2 Episode: "Love Scam"; co-director with C. Kumaresan
Dia Bidadariku Yes No No Astro Ria
My Darling, Inspektor Daniel Yes No No
Anak Merdeka Yes No No Astro Prima 1 Episode
2018 Gerak Khas (Season 18) Yes No No TV2 Episode: "Gadis Maya", also story writer
2019 Gerak Khas (Season 19) Yes No No Episode: "Dendam Menular"
Yes No No Episode: "Belut"
Yes No No Episode: "Ejen Penjerat"


Year Title Also credited as Role TV channel Notes
Director Producer Actor
1992 Anak Angkat Yes No No
1993 Tunggu Sekejap Yes No No
1994 Cinta Selluloid Yes No No
2003 Neon No No Yes Restaurant Patrons I Astro Ria Special appearance
2017 16 Puasa No No Yes Aziz Astro First Exclusive
Karya 12 Vol 2: Semerah Darah No No Yes Joe Astro Citra
2019 17 Puasa No No Yes Aziz Astro First Exclusive


  • Best Director (Baginda) ... TV3's Anugerah Skrin 97/98, 1998
  • Best Editor (Femina) ... 11th Malaysia Film Festival, 1994
  • Best Art Director (Femina) ... 11th Malaysia Film Festival, 1994
  • Promising New Director (Fenomena) ... 9th Malaysia Film Festival, 1990
  • Best Child Actor (Sayang Anakku Sayang) ... 22nd Asia Film Festival, South Korea, 1976


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