Aziz Royesh

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Aziz Royesh
عزیز رویش
Born1970 (age 48–49)
OccupationTeacher, social activist, writer

Azizullah Royesh (commonly known as Aziz Royesh, Persian: عزیز رویش‎) is a Hazara, social activist, teacher and writer from Afghanistan.


Aziz Royesh was born on 1970 in Fazel Baig, Kabul, Afghanistan. At age 10, He attended school until the age of 10 then he went to Ghazni Province, then he moved to Quetta, Pakistan alone at the age of 11, he had no family in Quetta so he worked in tailor shops, bakeries, small factories just to nourish himself but he wasn't able to continue his formal education, he used his spare time after work for self-study. Aziz Royesh in 1986 at the age of 16 returned to Afghanistan and established five schools in Ghazni province. With the Taliban coming back in 1994, he returned to Pakistan and established the Marefat High School for Afghanistani Refugees in Pakistan, After the fall of the Taliban in 2001, the high school was transferred to Kabul Dashte Barchi by maintaining a branch in Pakistan.[1]

Best Teacher of the World[edit]

In 2015 he nominated the Best Teacher of the Year in the world.[2][3]


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