Aziziye Mosque (London)

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Aziziye Mosque
2008 Stoke Newington Road.jpg
Facade on Stoke Newington Road
Aziziye Mosque (London) is located in Greater London
Aziziye Mosque (London)
Shown within Greater London
Basic information
Location Stoke Newington, London, United Kingdom
Geographic coordinates 51°33′19″N 0°04′30″W / 51.5553°N 0.075°W / 51.5553; -0.075Coordinates: 51°33′19″N 0°04′30″W / 51.5553°N 0.075°W / 51.5553; -0.075
Affiliation Islam
Architectural description
Architectural type Mosque
Architectural style Ottoman/Turkish architecture
Completed 1983
Minaret(s) 2

The Aziziye Mosque (Turkish: Aziziye Camii) is a mosque in Stoke Newington, London. The mosque was funded by the UK Turkish Islamic Association and the conversion began in 1983. Turks who had once felt reluctant to attend a ‘non-Turkish’ mosque welcomed the congregation as services were provided in the Turkish language rather than in English or Arabic.[1] The total capacity of its Ottoman style mosque is 2,000 people.[2] The mosque also has a Halal butchers, Aziziye Education Centre (weekend schools), Aziziye Wedding hall and a restaurant.[3]

Originally built as a cinema, it first opened in 1913 as the Apollo Picture House, was reopened in 1933 as the Ambassador Cinema and from 1974 played martial arts films and softcore sex films as the Astra Cinema, before closing in 1983.[4] It is among Hackney Council's "Locally Listed Buildings."[5]

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