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Azlon is a synthetic textile fiber composed of protein material derived from natural sources[1] such as soy,[2] peanut, milk or corn.[3] Currently it is used in clothing.[4]



Under the Textile Labelling and Advertising Regulations, Section 26(f), Azlon is defined as any fiber made from regenerated protein.[5]

United States[edit]

The name "Azlon" is regulated by the Federal Trade Commission, § 303.7(g) Rules and Regulations Under the Textile Fiber Products Identification Act.[6] However, there is currently no domestic production.[7][8]

Azlon is the common generic name for all man-made protein fibers. Aralac was a registered trademark of Aralac, Inc., a division of National Dairy Products Corporation.[9] Its production from unrationed skimmed-milk supplies may have contributed to its popularization during the Second World War.[10]

United Kingdom[edit]

Azlon is also a brand of plastic labware.[11][12] It is a registered trade mark of SciLabware Limited.

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