Aznavour Center

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Aznavour Center
Ազնավուրի կենտրոն
Museum of Aznavur in Armenia.jpg
LocationYerevan, Armenia
TypeBiographical museum and cultural centre
DirectorChristina Sargsyan

Aznavour Center,[1] also known as Maison Charles Aznavour, is a music centre in Yerevan, Armenia, housing a technological and interactive museum about the life of Charles Aznavour, and a cultural and educational center for youth. It was opened in 2011 by the Aznaviur Foundation to become the Residence of Charles Aznavour in Armenia. It occupies a five-story building near the top of the Yerevan Cascade and includes an open-air concert hall, as well as Aznavour's apartment and the museum itself. The current director of the Aznavour Center and Foundation is Christina Sargsyan.[2]


French-Armenian singer Charles Aznavour cut the ribbon of the centre at the opening ceremony on October 7, 2011.[3] It was attended by French President Nicolas Sarkozy and Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan.[4]

The exhibition includes Aznavour's discs, albums, books, music awards, posters and photographs.

The project was launched in 2007, funded by the Armenian government. Aznavour’s foundation decorated the interior of the museum.[5]

On June 1, 2017 President Sargsyan attended key handover ceremony of Maison Charles Aznavour.[6][7]

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