Azovstal iron and steel works

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Metallurgical Combine Azovstal
Private, Combine
Traded as PFTSAZST
Industry steel production
Founded February 2, 1930 (1930-02-02)
Headquarters Mariupol, Ukraine
Key people
Enver Tskitishvili (Apr.2011-)
(General Director)
Owner Metinvest B.V.
Metinvest International
Parent Metinvest
Subsidiaries Sigma TV Channel
Sygma TV Channel
Firma Marita

Metallurgical Combine Azovstal (Ukrainian: Mеталургійний Kомбінат Азовсталь) (PFTS: AZST) is one of the biggest steel rolling companies in Ukraine.


It was established in 1930 by the decision of the Presidium of Supreme Soviet of the National Economy (BCHX)[1] (USSR) in Mariupol, Ukrainian SSR (Soviet Union) and finally entered the production line in 1933 when its blast furnace put out the first iron.[2] In January 1935 steel making production was put into operation at Azovstal, the first in the USSR 250t tilting open-hearth furnace came into commission.[3]


Azovstal iron and steel works include: coke production, sinter plant, blast furnace plant consisting of six blast furnaces, steel-making complex in the converter and open-hearth shop, a mill complex in the plate shop, rail and shops and offices included in a large variety of rail and shops bonds. The plant has a developed transport infrastructure.


Azovstal iron & steel works was operated as a subsidiary of Metinvest B.V. and now it operates as a subsidiary of Metinvest Holding LLC,[4] a subsidiary of Metinvest B.V.

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