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Aztrank is the operator of the wireless digital CDMA 2000 (Code Division Multiple Access) telecommunication services in Azerbaijan. AZTRANK Company was established in 1996 and until 2005 major service was the trunk communications support. From the beginning of 2005 the company started providing CDMA 2000 wireless communications services.

The main activity of the company is the development, improvement of the wireless telecommunication services.

AZTRANK is offering its customers the CDMA technology phones of stationary and vehicle use provided by one of the world’s telecommunication equipment manufacturers, Huawei company. Current devices are working in the standard phone mode with landline phone numbers. At present, AZTRANK is offering its CDMA technology wireless services based on the Great Britain made station “GPT”, used by the JV “Azeurotel” during the recent years. Currently network coverage areas are Baku and Absheron Rayon.

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