Azumi Kawashima

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Azumi Kawashima
Born (1979-08-08) August 8, 1979 (age 36)[1]
Tokyo, Japan
Other names Wazumi Kawashima
Kazumi Kawashima
Ethnicity Japanese
Height 1.56 m (5 ft 1 in)
Weight 45 kg (99 lb; 7.1 st)

Azumi Kawashima (川島和津実 Kawashima Azumi?), born August 8, 1979 in Tokyo, Japan, is a former adult video (AV) actress and model.

Life and career[edit]

Azumi Kawashima was born in Tokyo on August 8, 1979.[2] Her debut adult video (AV) was Promise released under the Try-Heart Corporation's Sexia's label in December 1998.[3] In January 1999, Kawashima starred in Naive, for the Shy label. Her next video was for the Sexia label, I Want To Hold You (February 1999), and she was back at Shy for the April 1999 release, Purity, directed by Kunihiro Hasegawa.[4]

Kawashima performed in the seventh volume of Sexia's Pretty Wife series, subtitled Dangerous Love Triangle, which was released in May 1999.[5] This proved to be her last video as Kawashima retired from AV work after May 1999.[6]

In addition to her video career, Kawashima's portfolio includes the release of 10 photobooks released from 1999 to 2003.[7] Outside of her adult work, Kawashima also had a major part in the 1999 V-Cinema horror film Demon Killer or Junreiki 殉霊鬼(じゅんれいき), directed by Seki Akitsugu, where six men and women staying at a villa are attacked by a killer.[8][9]

Kawashima's video and photobooks remained popular in Japan after her retirement[6] and when the Japanese video retailer DMM polled AV fans in early 2012 for the best AV actresses over the 30-year history of the genre, Kawashima ranked number 4 out of 100 actresses listed.[10]

Selected filmography[edit]

Release date[11] Video title Company Director Notes
1998-12-18 Promise/Appointment
Try-Heart Sexia
Greate Kazu AV debut
1999-01-31 Naive
Shy Plan
Takehiro Yasuda
1999-02-26 I Want To Hold You
Try-Heart Sexia
Shion Kageura
1999-03-23 Purity
Shy Plan
Kunihiro Hasegawa
1999-04-30 Natural Azumi Kawashima
Natural 川島和津実
Shy Plan
Hitoshi Mochinaga
1999-05-21 Pretty Wife 7, Dangerous Love Triangle
プリティワイフ7 あぶない三角関係
Try-Heart Sexia
Makoto Nimekoji
1999-06-18 Memories Shy Plan
Hitoshi Mochinaga Compilation video
1999-08-14 Azu-mi-x
Try-Heart Sexia
Futoshi Sakura Compilation of her previous videos with Try-Heart
1999-12-10 Sexia Collection 1999
Try-Heart Sexia
Ebisu The Great Compilation video with Haruna Miwa, Kaori Shimizu, Mika Sanada & Ryo Aihara
2000-02-18 ALL STARS: Erotic Lips Selection Try-Heart Sexia
Ebisu The Great Compilation with other actresses
2000-05-19 Last Kiss Try-Heart OFF SIDE
Compilation video
2000-06-26 10th. Anniversary The SHY History M&A Shy Plan
Compilation of her previous videos for Shy Plan. With Momo Aida
2000-09-22 Azu-mi-x 2 Try-Heart Sexia
Goody Compilation of her previous videos for Try-Heart and Shy Plan
2001-03-03 Forever Shy Plan
Compilation of her previous works
2001-09-27 Return Shy Plan
Compilation of earlier unreleased material
2003-07-10 Complete Azumi Kawashima
コンプリート 川島和津実
Try-Heart OFF SIDE
Compilation video
2003-07-19 Memory: Azumi Kawashima
記憶 川島和津実
Try-Heart Sexia
Mark Spell Compilation video


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