Azure Swimming Pool

Coordinates: 51°24′26″N 30°03′30″E / 51.40715°N 30.05823°E / 51.40715; 30.05823
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Azure Swimming Pool
October 1996-Swimming Pool.jpg
The Azure Swimming Pool in October 1996
Building information
CityPripyat, Ukraine
Coordinates51°24′24″N 30°02′57″E / 51.4068°N 30.0492°E / 51.4068; 30.0492
Width22 m
OSM locator map of the swimming pool within the city of Pripyat
The swimming pool in 2009

The Azure Swimming Pool (Ukrainian: Басейн Лазурний) is one of the indoor swimming pools in the abandoned city of Pripyat,[1][2] Ukraine, which was affected by the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster.


The complex was built in the 1970s and remained in use until 1998 (12 years after the Chernobyl nuclear disaster); during those 12 years the swimming pool was mainly used by Chernobyl liquidators.[3] The swimming pool was considered to be one of the cleanest places in Pripyat. [4] However, the swimming pool and the adjacent indoor basketball court have been abandoned and left to decay since its closure in 1998.

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