Azusa 13

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Founding locationSan Gabriel Valley
Years active1960's-present
Ethnicitymainly mexican-american
Criminal activitiesMurder, drug trafficking, extortion, assault, auto theft, robbery
AlliesSureños and Mexican Mafia.
RivalsNorteños, Bloods, Crips, El Monte flores, northside bolen parque , bassett duarte east side, la puente, du rock crips

Azusa 13 is a street gang based in Azusa in the eastern San Gabriel Valley area of Los Angeles. Started in the 1960s, it is now one of the most aggressive Sureño street gangs. And has about 500 active gang members.


Azusa 13 claims all of Azusa; however, they are most active in southern Azusa, the Atlantis Gardens neighborhood off Alosta and Rockvale Avenues, and in areas surrounding the downtown area around Azusa Avenue and Foothill Boulevard.[1]

Criminal activities[edit]

Like many other Mexican gangs, the 13 in the name stands for the letter "M', indicating its affiliation with the Mexican Mafia.[2] The gang is known to tax drug sales in the area and funnels money to the Mexican Mafia.[2][3]


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