Azzo VII d'Este

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Azzo VII d'Este, Marquis of Ferrara (also known as Novello; 1205 - 16 February 1264) was marquis of Ferrara from 1215 to 1222, and again from 1240 until his death.

The son of Azzo VI d'Este and a noblewoman from the Aldobrandeschi family, he married in 1225. In contrast to emperor Frederick II, he became the leader of the Guelph forces in the March of Ancona. In 1242 Azzo took the chance to capture Ferrara in 1242, after defeating Ezzelino III da Romano, and established his family's lordship in the city, which lasted until late Renaissance times.

In 1259, he again defeated Ezzelino and his Ghibellines troops in the Battle of Cassano. He married two times, and had one son, Rinaldo (born 1230), who was captured by Frederick II and died as prisoner in Apulia (1251). He was succeeded by his grandson Obizzo.

Preceded by
Azzo VI d'Este
Marquis of Ferrara
1215-1222 and
Succeeded by
Obizzo II d'Este