B'utz Aj Sak Chiik

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B'utz Aj Sak Chiik
Ajaw of Palenque
Glifo de B'utz Aj Sak Chiik en tablero del Templo XVII.jpg
Glyph of B'utz Aj Sak Chiik at Temple XVII Tablet (see vectorised version here)
Reign July 28, 487 – 501
Predecessor "Casper"
Successor Ahkal Mo' Nahb I
Born November 15, 459
Died 501?
Religion Maya religion

B'utz Aj Sak Chiik,[N 1] also known as Manik, (November 15, 459 – 501?), was an ajaw of the Maya city of Palenque. He took the throne on July 28, 487, reigning until 501. Probably he was brother of Ahkal Mo' Nahb I.[N 2][1]


  1. ^ The ruler's name, when transcribed is bu-tz'a-ja-SAK-chi[ku], translated "Smoking White/Resplendent Coati?".
  2. ^ These are the dates indicated on the Maya inscriptions in Mesoamerican Long Count calendar, Born: 12 Ahaw 13 Sak and Acceded: 3 Etz'nab 11 Xul.


  1. ^ Skidmore, Joel (2010). The Rulers of Palenque (PDF) (Fifth ed.). Mesoweb Publications. pp. 18–19. Retrieved 12 October 2015.
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Ajaw of Palenque
July 28, 487 – 501
Succeeded by
Ahkal Mo' Nahb I