Bà Triệu Temple

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View from outside of the gate of Đền Bà Triệu at Hậu Lộc, Thanh Hóa
View from above of the Đền Bà Triệu

The Bà Triệu Temple (Đền Bà Triệu) is a Buddhist temple at thôn Phú Điền, xã Triệu Lộc, huyện Hậu Lộc, Thanh Hóa province, Vietnam dedicated to the semi-legendary national heroine Bà Triệu (248AD).[1][2] The Bà Triệu Temple Festival takes place on April 3.[3]


  1. ^ John R. Jones Bradt Guide to Vietnam – 1998 Page 331 "Ba Trieu Temple. This was named after a local heroine, Madam Trieu, who fought against the Ngo invaders in the 3rd century. It is situated on Gai Mountain, Hau Loc District, 15km north of Thanh Hoa and 137km south of Hanoi."
  2. ^ Anh Thư Hà, Hò̂ng Đức Trà̂n A brief chronology of Vietnam's history- 2000 Page 18 "While their stratagem succeeded in winning a number of people, Lady Triệu continued the struggle. She died in Tùng mountain (Hậu Lộc, Thanh Hóa) at the age of 23. A temple was built in Phú Điển (Thanh Hóa) in memory of the Heroine."
  3. ^ Vietnam Economic Times – Volume 98 – Page 4 Viện kinh tế thế giới (Vietnam) "Bà Triệu Temple Festival: April 3 This festival is organised in memory of Ba Trieu, or Lady Trieu, who raised an insurrection against Chinese invaders. It takes place at Ba Trieu Temple in Hau Loc, Thanh Hoa province."