Bát Tràng

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Xã Bát Tràng、鉢塲社 バチャン村 DSCF2654.JPG
Bát Tràng
Bát Tràng
Coordinates: 20°59′N 105°55′E / 20.983°N 105.917°E / 20.983; 105.917Coordinates: 20°59′N 105°55′E / 20.983°N 105.917°E / 20.983; 105.917

Bát Tràng (literally: bát is bowl and tràng is workshop) is an old, well established village in the Gia Lâm district of Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam. It is about 13 km from central Hanoi.

It is famous for producing a unique style of ceramics called Bát Tràng Porcelain. Bát Tràng is well known throughout Vietnam for its beautiful ceramics.