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Baharly is located in Turkmenistan
Location in Turkmenistan
Coordinates: 38°25′49″N 57°26′13″E / 38.43028°N 57.43694°E / 38.43028; 57.43694Coordinates: 38°25′49″N 57°26′13″E / 38.43028°N 57.43694°E / 38.43028; 57.43694
Country  Turkmenistan
Province Ahal Province
District Baharly District
Population ((2008))[1]
 • Total 24,139

Baharly (formerly Bäherden[2]) is a town and seat of Baharly District in south-western Turkmenistan in Ahal Province. It lies on the northern rim of the Kopet Dag mountain range, south-west of the town of Archman.


The settlement was conquered and incorporated into Russia in 1881. At the end of the XIX century, it housed 789 people and was a stop along the Trans-Caspian Railway. The town of Bäherden was a center of the Bakharden district of the Turkmen SSR, the USSR. There were carpet factories in the town and it was renamed Beherden on February 3, 2008 and received the status of a city.



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