Bärbel Dieckmann

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Bärbel Dieckmann
Baerbel Dieckmann 2006.jpg
Born March 26, 1949 (1949-03-26) (age 68)
Nationality Germany

Bärbel Dieckmann (born March 26, 1949 in Leverkusen) was elected mayor of Bonn in 1994 and was in office until 2009. She is the first woman and Social Democrat to become mayor of Bonn.


Dieckmann was born in Leverkusen in 1949.[1]

From 1967 until 1972, she studied philosophy, history and social sciences at the University of Bonn for a teaching degree. She was a teacher for twenty years.[1] In 1972 she joined the SPD.[2] Dieckmann is married to Jochen Dieckmann, former Minister of Justice, Minister of Finance, and Chairman of the SPD in Northrhine-Westphalia

In 2005, she became vice federal chairwoman of the Social Democratic Party of Germany, but left office two years later.

In 2005 and 2006 she was a finalist for World Mayor.[1]

Since December 2005 Dieckmann has been Chair of the World Mayors Council on Climate Change (WMCCC).[3] The office was established after the Kyoto Protocol came into force. The WMCCC is committed to international cooperation and advocates for effective climate protection policies of its members.[4]

Since 2008 Dieckmann is president of Welthungerhilfe.[5]


Dieckmann, Bärbel: "Food and Development Go Hand in Hand", Digital Development Debates, Issue 16 "Food & Farming", 2015.

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