Béatrice Dalle

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Béatrice Dalle
Dalle in 1999
Béatrice Cabarrou

(1964-12-19) 19 December 1964 (age 59)
Brest, Brittany, France
Years active1986–present
Jean-François Dalle
(m. 1985; div. 1988)
Guénaël Meziani
(m. 2005; div. 2014)
Partner(s)Alessandro Gassmann

Béatrice Dalle (born 19 December 1964) is a French actress and model. She has appeared in over fifty films[1] and is best known internationally for her debut role in the 1986 film 37°2 le matin. Dalle has a reputation for being rebellious, and is famous for the gap between her front teeth.[2]


Dalle was born in Brest, Finistère, France, as Béatrice Cabarrou.[3][4] She grew up in Le Mans with her mother, father, and an older sister. At age 15, Dalle ran away from home to live in Paris.[5] In 1985, she married the painter Jean-François Dalle, whom she divorced in 1988.[6] In 2005, Dalle married an inmate she met while acting in a short film that was being shot in a prison. They divorced in 2015.[7]


Dalle was working as a model when she met filmmaker Jean-Jacques Beineix. Beineix cast her in the lead role of the 1986 film 37°2 le matin (released in the UK and USA as Betty Blue) which received BAFTA and Oscar nominations for Best Foreign Language Film, and made a star of Dalle.

She went on to appear in a series of major roles in French films, including the 1989 film Chimère, which was entered into the 1989 Cannes Film Festival.[8]

She featured in the 1987 music video for Buster Poindexter's version of "Oh Me Oh My (I'm fool for you Baby)" and in the 1991 music video for "Move to Memphis" by Norwegian band a-ha.[9]

She starred in Jim Jarmusch's Night on Earth in 1991. In 1997, she was cast in The Blackout, her first film made in the United States.

In 2001, Dalle appeared in the controversial film Trouble Every Day, in which she played a vampire. She starred in the 2007 film À l'intérieur, in which she played a cruel psychopath stalking a pregnant woman.

In 1988, Dalle was interviewed by Clive James in "Postcard from Paris" where she said she was tired of Paris and wanted to move to New York.[10]


Dalle has been arrested on several occasions for shoplifting, drug possession and assault.[11] In January 2005, while making a film about prison life in Brest, Dalle met Guenaël Meziani, serving a 12-year prison sentence for assaulting and raping his ex-girlfriend. She married him after 24 one-hour visits, and spoke on his behalf at hearings for his early release.[11][12] According to a 2015 profile of Dalle, she said the marriage was "a complete disaster" once Meziani was released from prison, and their divorce was apparently finalised in July 2014.[13]

Interviewed on the French TV programme Divan in 2016, Dalle stated that when she used to work in a morgue with her friends, they sold body parts of corpses, and while on acid, they ate a dead man's ear.[14][15]


Year Title Role Director Notes
1986 Betty Blue Betty Jean-Jacques Beineix Nominated - César Award for Best Actress
On a volé Charlie Spencer ! The Star Francis Huster
1988 The Witches' Sabbath Maddalena Marco Bellocchio
1989 Chimère Alice Claire Devers
Les bois noirs Violette Jacques Deray
1990 A Woman's Revenge Suzy Jacques Doillon
1991 Night on Earth Blind Woman Jim Jarmusch
1992 La Belle Histoire Odona Claude Lelouch
La Fille de l'air Brigitte Maroun Bagdadi
1994 I Can't Sleep Mona Claire Denis
À la folie Elsa Diane Kurys
1996 Clubbed to Death Saida Yolande Zauberman
Désiré Madeleine Bernard Murat
1997 The Blackout Annie Abel Ferrara
Al límite Elena Eduardo Campoy
1999 Toni Marie Philomène Esposito
2000 La vérité vraie Cathy Fabrice Cazeneuve TV movie
2001 Trouble Every Day Coré Claire Denis (2)
H Story The Actress Nobuhiro Suwa
2002 Seventeen Times Cecile Cassard Cécile Cassard Christophe Honoré
Tamala 2010: A Punk Cat in Space Tatla Tol
Les oreilles sur le dos Monica Xavier Durringer TV movie
2003 Time of the Wolf Lise Brandt Michael Haneke
Vendetta Alice Richard Aujard Short
2004 Clean Elena Olivier Assayas
The Gate of Sun Catherine Yousry Nasrallah
The Intruder Queen of the north Claire Denis (3)
Process The Actress C.S. Leigh
2005 Dans tes rêves Ava Denis Thybaud
2006 Tête d'or The Princess Gilles Blanchard
2007 Inside The Woman Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo Fangoria Chainsaw Award for Best Supporting Actress
Fright Meter Award for Best Supporting Actress
Truands Béatrice Frédéric Schoendoerffer
2008 Les bureaux de Dieu Milena Claire Simon
New Wave Anna Gaël Morel TV movie
2009 Domain Nadia Patric Chiha
2010 De l'encre Mathilde Ekoué & Hamé TV movie
2011 Livid Lucie's mother Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo (2)
Notre Paradis Anna Gaël Morel (2)
Jimmy Rivière Gina Teddy Lussi-Modeste
2012 Bye Bye Blondie Gloria Virginie Despentes
L'étoile du jour Zohra Sophie Blondy
Punk Teresa Jean-Stéphane Sauvaire TV movie
2013 Le renard jaune Béatrice Jean-Pierre Mocky
My Sisters Mildred Lars Kraume
You and the Night The Commissioner Yann Gonzalez
Myster Mocky présente Henriette Jean-Pierre Mocky (2) TV series (1 Episode)
2014 Among the Living Jeanne Faucheur Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo (3)
ABCs of Death 2 The Grandmother Julien Maury (4)
Rosenn Yvan Le Moine
2015 Malaterra Suzanne Leroy Jean-Xavier de Lestrade & Laurent Herbiet TV Mini-Series
2017 Chacun sa vie et son intime conviction Claude Lelouch (2)
2018 The Happy Prince Café Manager Rupert Everett
2019 Lux Æterna Béatrice Dalle Gaspar Noé
2023 The Beast in the Jungle The Physiognomist Patric Chiha


Year Title Author Director
2014 Lucrèce Borgia Victor Hugo David Bobée
2019 Elephant Man Bernard Pomerance David Bobée


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