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EUbility Group-Békéscsabai ENKSE
Full nameBékéscsabai Előre Női Kézilabda Sport Egyesület
Short nameElőre NKSE
ArenaVárosi Sportcsarnok, Békéscsaba
PresidentKároly Szabó
Head coachRoland Horváth
LeagueNemzeti Bajnokság I
2018–19Nemzeti Bajnokság I, 12th
Club colours         
Team colours
Team colours
Team colours
Team colours
Team colours
Team colours
Team colours
Team colours
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Békéscsabai Előre Női Kézilabda Sport Egyesület is a Hungarian women's handball club from Békéscsaba, that plays in the Nemzeti Bajnokság I, after having been promoted in 2006.

Since they are sponsored by EUbility Group, the official name of the team is EUbility Group-Békéscsabai Előre NKSE.[1]


The birth of the team dated back to 1973, when multi-sports club Békéscsabai Előre Spartacus took over the local team Kötöttárugyár, and thus it became one of the departments of the club.

The team have promoted to the top level league first in 1980, and two years later they achieved their greatest success up to date, having won silver medal in the Hungarian championship and reaching the quarterfinals of the IHF Cup (predecessor of EHF Cup). However, the following two decades remained unsuccessful, the club turned into a mid-table team.

In 2000 the handball department seceded from the main club, which caused a staggering setback: with continually worsening results year after year, in 2004 Békéscsaba eventually got relegated.

Shocked by the results, the club with the support of the local government have worked out a long-term conception, mainly based on the new, rising generation. The club have always been well known for their grassroot programs, and have been honoured by the Hungarian Handball Federation for their work with youths in 2008.

At the end of 2006, Békéscsaba fought back to the top-tier championship, and after survived the first two seasons, a slow development has started. The team finished in 2008 in the eighth position, and achieved a fourth place in the following year, with that they earned a place in the EHF Cup.[2]

Crest, colours, supporters[edit]

Kit manufacturers and Shirt sponsor[edit]

The following table shows in detail Békéscsabai Előre NKSE kit manufacturers and shirt sponsors by year:

Period Kit manufacturer Shirt sponsor
2008–2009 Sonepar / Budapest Bank
2009–2010 mondi / Budapest Bank
2010–2013 Budapest Bank
2013–2015 EUbility Group Kft. / Budapest Bank
2015– Ziccer


Current squad[edit]

Squad for the 2019–20 season
  • Serbia Milica Rancic]]

Staff members[edit]

  • Hungary Chairman: Károly Szabó
  • Hungary Managing Director: Csaba Fülöp
  • Hungary Head Coach: Roland Horváth
  • Hungary Physiotherapist:
  • Hungary Club Doctor: János Tóth, MD
  • Hungary Club Doctor: Gyula Asztalos, MD


Transfers for the 2019-20 season


Domestic competitions[edit]

Nemzeti Bajnokság I (National Championship of Hungary)

  • Silver medal blank.svg Runners-up (1): 1982
  • Bronze medal blank.svg Third place (1): 1991–92

Magyar Kupa (National Cup of Hungary)

  • Silver medal with cup.svg Finalists (1): 2011–12

European competitions[edit]


  • Semifinalists: 1983-84

Recent seasons[edit]

As of 27 May 2019.
Season Division Pos. Magyar kupa
1993-94 NB I 7th
1994-95 NB I 11th
1995-96 NB I 7th
1996-97 NB I 8th
1997-98 NB I 6th
1998-99 NB I 6th
1999-00 NB I 9th
2000-01 NB I 9th
2001-02 NB I Arrow-down.gif 11th
2002-03 NB I/B Arrow-up.png 1st
Season Division Pos. Magyar kupa
2003-04 NB I Arrow-down.gif 11th
2004-05 NB I/B Arrow-up.png 1st
2005-06 NB I 10th
2006-07 NB I 10th
2007-08 NB I 8th
2008-09 NB I 4th
2009-10 NB I 4th
2010-11 NB I 6th Round 4
2011-12 NB I 9th Silver medal with cup.svg Finalist
2012-13 NB I 9th Quarter-finals
Season Division Pos. Magyar kupa
2013-14 NB I 6th Round 4
2014-15 NB I 8th Round 4
2015-16 NB I 11th Quarter-finals
2016-17 NB I 10th Round 3
2017-18 NB I 12th Round 5
2018-19 NB I 12th Round 5

In European competition[edit]

Békéscsabai Előre score listed first. As of 25 November 2018.[6]

Season Competition Round Club Home Away Aggregate
1983–84 IHF Cup Quarter-finals France AS Lyon 1 26-20 29-17 55–37
Semi-finals Romania Chimistul Râmnicu Vâlcea 21-23 21-28 42–51
2009–10 EHF Cup Second round Belarus BNTU-BelAZ Minsk Reg. 26-24 31-20 57–44
Third round Spain BM Parc Sagunt 30-30 24-26 54–56
2010–11 EHF Cup Second round Slovenia RK Olimpija 32-23 22-31 54–54 (a)
2011–12 EHF Cup Third round Republic of Macedonia ŽRK Vardar 40-20 39-20 79–40
Round of 16 Spain C.B. Mar Alicante 19-25 25-22 44–47
2012–13 Cup Winners' Cup Third round Norway Stabæk Håndball 22-27 28-24 50–51

Statistics: matches played: 16 - wins: 9 - draws: 1 - losses: 6 - goals scored: 435 - goals conceded: 380

Notable players[edit]

Notable coaches[edit]

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