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Béla Réthy (2016)

Béla Andreas Réthy (born 14 December 1956 in Vienna) is a German sports reporter of Hungarian ancestry.[1]

When Réthy was born, his parents had to leave their home country because of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution. They emigrated to Brazil where they stayed until they went to Germany in 1968.[2] Réthy obtained his Abitur certificate so he was able to attend Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz where he studied literature and journalism. In the meantime he worked in the sports archive of the ZDF and became a freelancer later. Since 1987, he has been salaried.

His first live broadcast was during an international football match between the under-16 teams of Germany and Ireland in 1991. He has commentated the finals of:[3]

Réthy speaks German, Hungarian, Portuguese and English fluently, as well as French and Spanish.[2]


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