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Böd of Gremista

The Böd of Gremista, situated at the north end of Lerwick, Shetland, Scotland, is a typical 18th century Shetland fishing booth (or böd). It is protected as a category B listed building.[1]


The Böd was built in 1780 by Arthur Nicholson, local landowner and manager of the Gremista fishing station. The building provided family accommodation and a store for the fishing and fish curing activities that took place on the adjacent beach.[2]

It was the birthplace of Arthur Anderson, co-founder of Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company, (now P&O).

The building fell into disrepair[3] but was restored with grants provided by P&O and the UK Government in 1970,[4] the first phase being completed in 1976.[5] It opened as a museum in 1987, was acquired by the Shetland Museums Service in 1991 and was run as a community museum by the Shetland Amenity Trust. The exhibition included period furnishings and other artefacts together with displays on fishing and the life of Anderson. In 2017 the building was a Shetland textile museum run by a board of trustees and exhibited Shetland textiles from 1800s to the present day including wool, jumpers, Fair Isle, lace, rugs and weaving.[6][3]


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