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Aerial view, ca. 1985.
Tower blocks at Bøler. They won the Sundt Price for architecture in 1956-57.

Bøler is a south-eastern suburb of Oslo, Norway. It is one of the more picturesque areas of Oslo. Østmarka forest and lake Nøklevann in its immediately vicinity. Infrastructure-wise, it has a shopping center [1], two elementary schools, a public bath, a library, a church and a stop on the Østensjøbanen metro line.


The name Bøler comes from Old Norse bæl (farm).[1] The area was mostly built up in the late 1950s, with high-rise buildings and smaller houses.

Bøler was a separate borough of the city of Oslo, Norway from the mid-1980s up to December 31, 2003, when it became part of the borough of Østensjø.

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