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River Bøvra in Lom

Bøverdal is a valley in Lom municipality in the county of Oppland, Norway. The Bøvra river flows through the valley. For many centuries a route went from Lom village up through Bøverdal and down into Sogn. [1]

The 34 meter tall Saga Column (Norwegian: Sagasøyla), was erected in Bøverdalen in 1992. The history of the column is very convoluted. It started in 1926, when sculptor Wilhelm Rasmussen (1879–1965) won the competition for a column celebrating the Norwegian Constitution. The monument (Eidsvollsmonumentet) was originally intended to be placed by the Norwegian parliament in Oslo. The column shows the history of Norway from the time of the first king, Harald Fairhair in 872 to the first national assembly Riksforsamlingen at Eidsvoll in 1814.[2]


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Coordinates: 61°45′N 8°25′E / 61.750°N 8.417°E / 61.750; 8.417