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Bøyabreen 1993.jpg
View of Bøyabreen
Map showing the location of Bøyabreen
Map showing the location of Bøyabreen
Location in Sogn og Fjordane
LocationSogn og Fjordane, Norway
Coordinates61°29′44″N 06°45′52″E / 61.49556°N 6.76444°E / 61.49556; 6.76444Coordinates: 61°29′44″N 06°45′52″E / 61.49556°N 6.76444°E / 61.49556; 6.76444

Bøyabreen is a glacier in the Fjærland area in Sogndal Municipality in Sogn og Fjordane county, Norway. It is located inside Jostedalsbreen National Park, and it is a side branch of the large Jostedalsbreen glacier.[1][2]


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