Büchenbronn Observation Tower

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Büchenbronn Observation Tower

Büchenbronn Observation Tower, built in 1883, is situated on the Buechenbronn height (608.50 m.ue.N.N.) in the proximity of Pforzheim in the state of Baden-Württemberg, south-west Germany. The client was the adornment association of Pforzheim.


The tower was built as an octagonal, cast-iron tubing skeleton structure made from iron profiles and iron pipes by the Louis Kühne company of Dresden. The tower height is 24.75 meters (81.2 feet) and the tower top can be reached by climbing over 125 stages on a spiral staircase in the tower center winding around four pipes in the square. On the matter of stability, the Deutsche Bauzeitung wrote in 1885 that "...the tower can be with ease shifted into rather large fluctuations by only one visitor."[citation needed]

The tower belonged to the adornment association until 1933, then to the Black Forest association until 1974, and since 1974 it has been property of the city Pforzheim. The last renovation took place after the "Lothar" storm from 25 December 1999.

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Coordinates: 48°50′36″N 8°38′29″E / 48.84333°N 8.64139°E / 48.84333; 8.64139