Büyük Aga Medrese

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Büyük Ağa Medresesi
Büyük Ağa Medresesi (Amasya)
Basic information
Location Turkey Amasya, Turkey
Affiliation Islam
Region Black Sea Region
Country Turkey
Architectural description
Architectural type Medrese
Architectural style Ottoman architecture
Completed 1488

Büyük Ağa Medresesi or Kapı Ağa Medresesi[1] is a historical 15th century medrese in Amasya, Turkey.[2] The complex was built in 1488 by order of the Kapı Ağası (chief of the eunuchs that worked in the harem) Hüseyin Ağa of the Ottoman sultan Bayezid II.


The medrese has a unique octagonal plan used for the first time in this building[3] and consists of the student rooms, each covered by a small dome, around an octagonal colonnaded courtyard. The largest domed room was used as the lecture room and until recently for the education of local youth as hafız.[4]



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