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Saint George's Church in Býšť

Býšť (German: Beischt) is a village near Hradec Králové in the Czech Republic.


The place is first mentioned in written form in 1360. The village was devastated during the Thirty Years' War. The first school here was built in 1780. Eduard Nápravník, conductor and director of the Tsar's court opera in Sankt Petersburg was born here on August 24, 1839 (the school bears his name today). The church building is mentioned in 1360 (it was burned down and rebuilt several times). During the 19th century there was also a synagogue. During the 18th century the village, together with Rokytno and Chvojenec, was the center of a persecuted religious sect of Deists (called blouznivci).

A major part of the village is located around the busy road from Hradec Králové to Brno. Smaller nearby villages Bělečko, Hoděšovice and Hrachoviště are officially part of Býšť. Most people from Býšť work in nearby cities. The village become a de facto suburb of Hradec Králové in recent years.

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Coordinates: 50°07′38″N 15°54′38″E / 50.12722°N 15.91056°E / 50.12722; 15.91056