Bab al-Jinan

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Bāb Jnēn (Arabic: باب الجنان‎‎) (Gate of Gardens) was one of the gates of Aleppo that used to lead to gardens on the banks of the Quwēq river. The gate was demolished about 120 years ago in order to widen the road. There used to be numerous exchangers and storage houses for goods near the gate, and a pine dating back to the 16th century. The gate had a tower called the "serpent tower" in which was said[by whom?] to be a talisman capable of protecting from serpent bites. Bāb Jnēn today is the site of a traditional souk.


Coordinates: 36°12′7″N 37°9′7″E / 36.20194°N 37.15194°E / 36.20194; 37.15194