Bến Tre

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Bến Tre

Thành phố Bến Tre
Bến Tre City
Bến Tre
Bến Tre
Official seal of Bến Tre
Bến Tre is located in Vietnam
Bến Tre
Bến Tre
Location of in Vietnam
Coordinates: 10°14′N 106°23′E / 10.233°N 106.383°E / 10.233; 106.383
Country Vietnam
ProvinceBến Tre
 • City (Class-2)71.11 km2 (27.46 sq mi)
 • City (Class-2)257,350
 • Density3,261.2/km2 (8,446/sq mi)
 • Urban
Time zoneUTC+7 (Indochina Time)

Bến Tre ([ˀɓən˦ˀ˥ ʈɛ˧˧] About this soundlisten) is the capital city of Bến Tre Province, in the Mekong Delta area of southern Vietnam. Located 85 kilometers (53 mi) southwest of Ho Chi Minh City, the city covers an area of 65.75 km2 (25.39 sq mi) and has a population of 143,639 as of 2009.[1] Nowadays, Bến Tre is connected to the surrounding provinces by the Rạch Miễu Bridge.


Bến Tre is located on Bảo Island, with the districts of Châu Thành, Giồng Trôm and Ba Tri. The city is oriented in a triangular layout and is bordered by the following districts:[1]


The city of Bến Tre has 8 wards: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, An Hội, Phú Khương and Phú Tân, and 6 communes: Bình Phú, Mỹ Thạnh An, Nhơn Thạnh, Phú Hưng, Phú Nhuận and Sơn Đông.


The French occupied Bến Tre in 1867. The Vietminh (Vietnam revolutionary force) defeated the French at Dien Bien Phu and gained independence under the guidance of Ho Chi Minh and his generals.[2] During the Tet Offensive in 1968, it was nearly destroyed by bombing.

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Coordinates: 10°14′N 106°23′E / 10.233°N 106.383°E / 10.233; 106.383