Bžostovskiai Palace

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Bžostovskiai Palace

Bžostovskiai Palace - building in Vilnius Old Town, Universiteto/Domininkonų st. Currently there is a chemistry and individual flats.


In 1667, the building was purchased by Lithuanian adviser Kiprijonas Povilas Bžostovskis. Current Palace appearance appeared in 1748 after restoration due to conflagration.

In 1772, the palace was purchased by Jokūbas Ignotas Nagurskis.

In 1957 and 1982, Palace was reconstructed and adapted to flats. Currently there is a pharmacy and individual flats.

Coordinates: 54°40′54″N 25°17′10″E / 54.68167°N 25.28611°E / 54.68167; 25.28611